Plasma Vs LED TV or OR Difference Between LED TV and Plasma TV

Last updated on 21-October-2014

Welcome to LED TV Vs Plasma TV Section where you will come to know the Difference Between Plasma and LED TV.

Compared to all other high definition TVs, an LED TV is the most energy efficient. LED TV’s can save the consumer up to 40 percent on their energy consumption versus plasma and LED models. LED’s are basically a combination of LED panels. The TV’s only differ in the way the LED pixels are illuminated on your TV screen. Plasma TV’s are one of the most popular choices among HDTV’s being bought today. This is mostly due to the price, as LED TV’s have more features than a plasma TV. They offer lower quality graphics and fewer details when viewing games and movies as their resolution is lower than an LED TV. The benefit of a plasma TV is that you can view the unit at an angle and still experience clear, quality colors.

Without question, LED TVs are the brightest panels you can buy. Some models are capable of well over 100 foot lamberts. To put that in perspective, in a movie theater you’re lucky if you get 5. LED TVs are a close second. Plasma TVs just aren’t that bright. It’s all relative, though, as plasmas are still likely way brighter than old-school CRT tube TVs. So plasmas aren’t “dim”, but they aren’t nearly as bright as their LED and LED counterparts.

It is generally accepted that plasma televisions have better contrast ratios than LED panels, due to the fact that a plasma television can completely deactivate the light source for individual segments of the screen. This means sections of the screen can be completely dark while others are displaying bright color, unlike a traditional LED screen which has a single backlight array that can only alter brightness levels for the entire screen.

The latest LED backlight technology allows the television to individually control backlight segments. This technology allows for contrast ratios similar to those produced by plasma television panels. However, edge-lit LED televisions — usually available in an ultra-slim form factor — will have lower dynamic contrast ratios than the backlit LED models so be sure to check this detail before you purchase.


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